Why Paper Catalogs Are Still Relevant

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Our team at ABLE Graphics Printing Corp has extensive experience in the printing industry, and you can turn to us to get the high-quality printing services you need to create a wide variety of products, such as signs, business cards, brochures, and catalogs. In our experience, many business owners doubt paper catalogs could be useful in the digital age, but we assure you they are. Below, we’ll go over a few reasons why paper catalogs are still relevant.

Why Paper Catalogs Are Still Relevant

• Vividness – When advertising products, the key to driving sales is to paint a vivid picture of the product itself and what it would be like for the customer to use it. According to market research, customers who received paper catalogs have an easier time visualizing the product and how they’d use it in their own lives. This can lead to an increase in sales for the retailers.

• Tactility – While we’ve all grown used to online shopping, most customers still respond better to products they can see and touch before they buy. This can present a problem for retailers who do not have physical storefronts, as it is often more difficult to persuade customers to buy a product they’ve only seen online. Using paper catalogs to advertise your products is a way to bring back some of that missing tactility—while the customer still won’t be able to interact with the products themselves, they will be able to handle the catalog, and often that is enough to drive sales.

• Branding – Lastly, physical catalogs give you a great opportunity to promote your brand. In online storefronts, the focus tends to be on the individual products, but with a catalog, you can create more of an editorial feeling, using photos and text to create an enticing narrative around your products.