3 Tips for Designing Great Business Cards

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Here at ABLE Graphics Printing Corp, we have extensive experience in the printing industry, and we offer a wide variety of products to help you give presentations, run events, and manage your business. One of our most popular products is our business cards, as even in the digital age, these remain an excellent tool for promoting your brand.

3 Tips for Designing Great Business Cards

Of course, some business cards are more effective than others, so our team has put together this article to provide a few key tips to help you design great business cards.

  1. Organize Your Information – Our first tip for designing business cards is to organize your information effectively. There’s only so much room on a small card, so you will need to identify the essential details to include in the design, such as the company name, website, address, and phone number. In addition, you’ll need to make sure the most important information is displayed most prominently, listing less important details in smaller text.
  2. Use All Available Space – When designing business cards, don’t forget to take advantage of the space on the back. You can use this space to include things like discount offers, QR codes to your website, and other information.
  3. Reflect Your Brand – Lastly, we recommend keeping your business cards’ design consistent with the rest of your company branding, using the same typefaces, colors, etc. Your business cards are one of the first things potential clients will see, so you want to make sure their first experience is consistent with the rest of your brand experience.